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Nip/Tuck, Season 1
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Nip/Tuck, Season 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 : Erica Noughton

As Sean reluctantly celebrates his 40th birthday, Christian urges him to take advantage of some of the youth-preserving treatments available at the clinic.

Episode 2

Episode 2 : Christian Troy

Sean suffers uncontrollable spasms in his hands. After he nicks a patient's major neck artery during a routine cyst lancing, Sean stops performing surgeries.

Episode 3

Episode 3 : Manya Mabika

Christian and Sean agree to rehabilitate a stalwart, optimistic Somali woman, Manya Mabika (Aisha Tyler - "Friends," "Talk Soup," pilot "My Life, Incorporated"), who was genitally mutilated as a girl in her home country.

Episode 4

Episode 4 : Mrs. Grubman

Sean and Julia are shocked to discover that 8-year-old Annie (recurring guest star Kelsey Lynn Batelaan) is entering puberty already.

Episode 5

Episode 5 : Joel Gideon

While driving home, Sean is broadsided by another car and rushed to the hospital. He was saved from major injury by his vehicle's safety devices, but his view of life has changed.

Episode 12

Episode 12 : Julia McNamara

After taking too many painkillers and drinking alcohol, Julia has fallen through a glass door, severely damaging her face.

Episode 14

Episode 14 : Trudy Nye

Sean and Christian reluctantly accept the case of Trudy Nye (Lisa Waltz), who wants her nose fixed.

Episode 15

Episode 15 : Sean McNamara

Sean has been operating pro bono on victims of The Carver, a serial rapist who chooses good-looking people and carves their faces as a message to society about beauty and conformity.

Episode 16

Episode 16 : Joan Rivers

Celebrity Joan Rivers (herself), who is famous for having undergone many cosmetic surgeries, consults with the doctors. However, what Joan requests astonishes even Sean and Christian.